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Onboarding: Immigrating for a Career at nventive

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For your dream job, would you go to work overseas? Some of our employees have had the courage to combine ‘new professional challenge’ with ‘jumping on a plane’ to start a new chapter in a completely new city, language, and climate. Fortunately, our People & Culture team is always happy to prepare arrivals from other countries to offer them a harmonious integration.

Conducting distance interviews and considering international profiles are common in a teleworking world. But the process remains the same as hiring a local employee, and will culminate with contract signing, which will enable the recruit to start to work remotely. The new employee will then go through the first onboarding steps, which are the same for everyone employed at nventive.

« I made the decision to move to Canada because I was treated like a member of the family from day one, and I felt well supported. What stood out was seeing how concerned and diligent the team was to make the whole process as successful and painless as possible. »

— Ariel De Los Santos, mobile developer

For those who chose to make the move to Canada, an additional step is required in the process: paperwork! That’s when our People & Culture team starts to collaborate with them to group all the necessary documents to arrive in the country. The team makes sure it offers recruits a secure welcome framework during this stimulating transition and ensures they can start this new adventure with us without worry.

External Resources

To get assistance in the international procedures, nventive gets help from international mobility experts who offer support resources for every need. Lester Botello, Team Lead, Development, benefited from this: “nventive hired a company to help me with the whole process of moving to Canada, and that took a lot of concerns out of my mind. The People & culture team was always in touch, always asking if there was anything I needed, and acting fast when I did.’’

Because each person comes from a different background, this service offers flexibility in terms of available resources for everyone, to meet the employee’s needs. That way, each person can choose to get or to drop certain options and customize their arrival. For example, someone could decide to ask for help with finding housing or a school for their child.

For International Employees Already in Canada

Thanks to our offices in dynamic cities like Montréal and Québec, there is a steady supply of diverse profiles and unique personalities that make up nventive’s community. Therefore, recruits are often from abroad, but have already been residing in the province for several years.

Our People & Culture team also offers work permit transition support for those who join us, while also providing all the necessary documents to pursue immigration procedures. This was an important benefit in the eyes of Sullivan Lacheteau, Web Developer: ‘‘I decided to quit my previous job, because it wasn’t fulfilling anymore, and that had an impact on my immigration process. Luckily, nventive supported me and helped me resolve the situation.’’

Also, nventive offers each of its employees the opportunity to take French and English lessons to meet the written and spoken language requirements. This service is even more precious for employees from abroad who must acquire a certain knowledge of language to progress in their immigration process.

Resources Offered by nventive

Each application is evaluated equally, no matter the applicants’ origins or background. Thus, our team is immersed in a diverse space where each perspective is heard, and each need is valid. That’s why we set up a channel in our internal Teams software for foreign employees to help them build bonds quickly, share their experiences, and help each other out.

Another priority for nventive is to offer various social activities that every profile can enjoy. This way, each person can participate in an activity that resonates with them or that allows them to share their interests with us. We also do so by maintaining some traditions from Québec, like going to the sugar shack or poutine tastings during lunch.

To join nventive is to integrate a community of experts with multiple passions, which are all welcomed and well received. If you are reading this article from across the globe, we hope your answer to our initial question will be a resounding yes, and that we will soon have the pleasure of reading your resume.

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