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Want to Join Us? Get Tips from Our People & Culture Team!

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Have you seen one of nventive’s job postings that resonates with you, and you wish to apply? Stop hesitating, we would love to learn more about your profile! Although, by clicking on the button to “apply for this job”, you might still have a few questions that need answers. That’s what this article is about: we met with the People & Culture team, ant they shared their best tips to join the team at nventive. Meet Malye Bourgault, Director of the People & Culture team; Olivier Bernier, Specialist in talent acquisition, and Sophie Nicoletti, People & Culture Advisor.

Hello Malye! Thanks for being here with us today. To get started, I think it would be interesting to understand nventive’s recruiting vision. Can you tell us more?

Hello everyone! At nventive, we see the recruiting process as a conversation with the applicant that allows us to get to know each other, both the recruiters and the candidate.

The first discussion with our team is neither an interrogation nor a nitpicking session, but rather a conversation that goes both ways, in which each person talks about their expertise, their ambitions, their passions, and their expectations. We are looking to welcome a collaborator who will thrive and who will contribute to nventive’s growth with both their technical qualities and their personality.

The goal is to be each other’s favourite through a pleasant, transparent, and nondiscriminatory process!

Olivier, what would you say to candidates who want to apply?

Each application is unique and reflects your personality. But some candidates will stand out because of certain elements.

My first tip is to apply even when you don’t meet all the requirements. It has probably happened to you in the past: you find a job posting perfect for you, but you realize you don’t fulfill all the job’s requirements. If this is the case for one of nventive’s job offers, don’t hesitate to apply. We believe that versatility and unusual paths are just as interesting as more traditional paths.

And Sophie adds: Studies have shown that men will apply to jobs when they meet three out of ten criteria, whereas women tend to wait until they meet all the requirements before they apply, so just go ahead.

Olivier: Yes, that’s a good point, Sophie!

My second tip is to meticulously read your resume before you send it in. Proofreading allows you to detect spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as to ensure the whole text is structured and readable. For each section, the rereading and verification phase is not to be neglected. Attention to detail is a quality our People & Culture team particularly looks for in a resume.

My third and last tip is to directly contact us to follow up on your application. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on LinkedIn, we will be happy to give you more information on the process underway for the job you applied for.

And here is the last step: the job interview. Sophie, what advice can you give applicants before they meet us for a job interview?

My first tip is simple: relax and be yourself! The goal here is to evaluate if you fit the job and the team. This step isn’t to ‘trap’ you, it’s rather a perfect opportunity for you to ensure the job suits your professional ambition.

To do so, the second important tip is to learn more about us: have a look on our social media pages, our website, our recent projects or our values. This step will enable you to fully understand the work environment and the company culture offered by nventive. It’s the time to determine if what we suggest meets your professional expectations. In addition, you can prepare questions to ask us during the interview about elements you would like to have more details on. This also shows us that you are interested in our company.

My third tip is similar to Olivier’s: visit and subscribe to the LinkedIn page of your specialist in talent acquisition. You could find common points and acquaintances in addition to broadening your network. If the job doesn’t fit, you’ll have front row seats if a new position comes up.

Bonus tip: know what the tasks are for the job. It’s very important and necessary to master the list of tasks described in the job offer, because they will be assigned to you. Also, if you are wondering about something, the end of the job interview is a great time to ask all your questions.

Thanks to the three of you for these tips.

You are now ready to apply! Jump into it, we are very excited at the idea of meeting you. Discover all our open positions here and join the team.