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Christine’s Internship Experience at nventive

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Today, Christine Groux, who was a mobile development intern in Summer and Fall, shares her internship experience at nventive.

  1. Hello Christine! First, how did you hear about nventive?

Hi, my first contact with nventive was at a networking evening at my university (Polytechnique). A few days later, I talked to Mathieu Fillion, manager of the development team, during a hackathon sponsored by nventive at the Concordia University. Our discussion was pleasant and promising, so I reached to Mathieu on LinkedIn and the internship followed.

  1. Can you tell me about three key moments during your onboarding when you first arrived at nventive?

Sure! My first key moment was when I met each member of my team. I was very excited to meet my colleagues and they were all very nice. I got several messages offering help or advice, which quickly broke the ice.

Second, it was when the integration training was presented to me: one of the important criteria in looking for an internship, for me, was that I could get a preliminary training and a great learning environment. I chose nventive because they seemed to offer this, and I was very happy to see everything take shape. The training was particularly useful to get an introduction to the company-specific technologies and to familiarize myself with the available technical and human resources to get the most from my internship.

Finally, there was also the first time I went to the office. It was pretty stressful, but everybody was very kind and I quickly recognized faces from the video calls from the days before. It was a friendly welcome!

  1. What are the top 3 lessons you learned at nventive?

I think in three words, they would be debugging, asking questions, and … cooking!

Debugging: I learned a lot about debugging tools and techniques that apply to both the technologies specific to my project and to programming in general. I think it’s a crucial skill to develop at the start of a career and I am happy about the progress I’ve made in the last months.

Asking questions: In that matter, I was strongly encouraged to ask questions to the members of my team. Considering I usually keep to myself, I was initially a little uncomfortable, but soon realized that when I communicate with others, people are very open, projects tend to progress more quickly, and learning also speeds up. Asking questions about everything isn’t what I advocate for, but this internship definitely brought me to a more balanced approach.

Cooking: I learned in an impromptu manner that, contrary to what my mom would say, I’m not too bad at cooking… For context, nventive organized a team-cohesion day for its employees. At the event, I cooked a well-appreciated tabbouleh that, when paired with my teammates delicious meals, resulted in a victory. This was very surprising since I do not see myself as a cook!

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