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Maintenance and Support for an Evolving Digital Solution

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To ensure the longevity of an efficient digital solution, it is necessary to revisit it regularly and ensure its proper functioning. Identifying daily opportunities for updates and optimization across all our projects, the Maintenance and Support (M&S) team is always ready to jump in to enable the product to reach new heights.

More than just an after-sales service, their intervention strengthens the efficiency of the digital solution and guarantees its evolution. The team can ensure that the systems are up to date and that no functionality becomes obsolete, but also work to establish communication channels to effectively address customer inquiries and find solutions to meet their needs.

«We have a reputation of project firefighters. The team is used to working with vague requests but quickly finding clear solutions.»

Nicolas Lepage, Team Lead, Maintenance and Support

Who are they?

Together, the Maintenance and Support team forms the MineSweepers squad, named for their meticulous handling of complex requests. It consists of frontend, backend, and mobile developers, as well as a quality assurance analyst, all overseen by manager Josée Barrette, who coordinates the group's efforts, participating in all projects and client discussions.

Even before her team starts their day, Josée Barrette, Manager of the M&S team, prioritizes the daily tasks to be accomplished for each project and assigns them to the experts. The team then gets to work while remaining alert to any emergencies that may arise and quickly shift priorities. "We follow a routine, with team meetings every morning, individual check-ins every two weeks, and breaks together to unwind, but no two days are alike," she states.

True Jack-of-all-trades

The team's expertise is vast and multidisciplinary. They can work with any technologies used in past client projects, and each member possesses their own specialties, allowing them to easily respond to requests for new features to be developed.

As a result, the M&S team has acquired extensive knowledge, enabling them to recommend and implement technological updates, including project migration to new technologies.

Depending on the context, the development cycle can be carried out internally by the Maintenance and Support team or the AGILE cycle can be reinitiated through a project team. The best course of action is determined based on the scale of the request and the required timeline. Since M&S experts work on numerous projects, prioritizing tasks effectively is crucial for them.

Each team member must demonstrate the ability to seamlessly switch from one project to another, be autonomous and adaptable, and be ready to troubleshoot at all levels when needed. As they may be involved in projects of varying scopes, the M&S Developer must also have a good business sense, with an understanding of the client's budgetary constraints. As explained by Marc-André Lafontaine, M&S Developer and Project Manager, "Team members must be aware of the impact their time has on the client's budget and the value they must bring in their daily output."

Although delivered to the highest quality standards, every project requires updates of the operating system or a renewal of the security certificate, for example. The Maintenance and Support team positions itself as a true ally in ensuring the success and exponential growth of a project. Their unwavering dedication and sharpened skills guarantee an evolving and high-performing digital solution that remains up to date.

Deciding whether or not to involve the M&S team in a project is often a budgetary issue. However, having the right experts in your arsenal to respond and react at any time is not only a thoughtful investment, but also a warranty for a sustainable and high-quality digital solution.