Digital technology to help suicide prevention


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L’Association québécoise de prévention du suicide

AQPS is involved in all areas of suicide prevention in Quebec. Founded as a non-profit organization in 1986, AQPS currently has approximately 200 members. Its mission is to mobilize all stakeholders, support communities, supply caregivers with the tools they need, raise public awareness, and influence decision-makers to prevent suicide. Its vision: to build a Quebec without suicide.

The Mandate

Suicide affects both individuals at risk, as well as those concerned about a loved one or grieving. To reach the affected population, an omnichannel digital ecosystem was necessary. After thorough analysis, we developed an information, support, and prevention website, digital tools, a mobile application, and a chat service to assist individuals in psychological distress, their loved ones, and those bereaved by suicide. Recently, a forum for grieving family members was also launched.

Our Achievements

  • Discovery
  • UX & UI Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Tools Development for Interveners
  • Backend Development

Key Technologies

  • User Interface:  ASP.NET, React
  • Client Relation Management (CRM):  Microsoft Dynamics
  • Web Development:  Kentico, Microsoft Azure
  • Chat:  Thrio
  • Mobile Development:  UNO platform, Xamarin

The developed digital solution:

Every day, offers an omnichannel experience that proves its effectiveness in saving lives. Supported by scientific research in suicide prevention, this ecosystem can address all target populations to prevent suicide within these communities.


Live Chat

Because a crisis situation requires an immediate response, in addition to existing helplines, we developed a live chat and text intervention application, accessible at all times and everywhere in Quebec, on both mobile and computer devices. Since spoken and written communication codes differ, we have implemented an approach (internal tests, questionnaire, routing system, and service mapping method) that facilitates the work of caregivers.

The "My Tools" Platform

Designed as a real interactive toolbox focused on well-being, the multichannel digital experience "My Tools" supports individuals with suicidal thoughts by encouraging them to take care of their mental health and adopt the right strategies to better cope with their difficult life situations.

The application also allows users to keep a journal, perform breathing exercises to calm anxiety, identify and manage early signs of distress, and centralize their help sources. All the tools offered are based on proven mental health practices.

Indeed, our mobile strategy enables easy and faster access to the toolbox, online or on the free mobile application. You can download the application now from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

The "Vivre un deuil par suicide" Forum

To better support bereaved loved ones, AQPS commissioned nventive to create a forum that provides daily support. After identifying needs, researching existing solutions, and choosing Discourse, our experts configured the solution to offer the following features:

  • Notification system
  • Discussion organization
  • Advanced search
  • Accessibility
  • Moderation

Key Challenges

Creating a Powerful User Experience

A thorough discovery phase allowed us to better meet the respective needs and contexts of individuals affected by suicide, mental health professionals, and frontline caregivers. Thus, the clinical user experience (UX), derived from scientific research, was aligned with digital user experience best practices to ensure the optimal journey for each user.

Luc Massicotte, CEO of AQPS, provides further insight into the evolution of UX: "After 3 years of experience, we are capable of challenging clinical UX. We can merge these two experiences and say that the V2 of will be optimized. In 2020, we started with clinical theory and anticipation of digital behavior. Today, we will be able to combine the two."

Creating the Technological Structure

At the beginning of the project, AQPS did not have a technological environment or a technological project management structure. Our experts were able to assist the Association in establishing this workflow. They drew attention to the project's sensitivity and data, which led to the development of a digital ecosystem meeting the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and reliability.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy enabled us to develop a content structure that meets the diverse needs of individuals affected by suicide. Furthermore, the creation of writing guidelines helped simplify and optimize scientific content for the web while making it easier to navigate on the site. Today, this content strategy accounts for 50% of traffic through search engines. AQPS knows how to position itself on keywords related to the issue of suicide - to allow users to find legitimate and credible answers.


The website and mobile application developed for AQPS over three years play a major role in suicide prevention in Quebec. As proof, here are the key figures collected one year after the launch of

• 317,161 visits, a 97% growth compared to the previous year.

• 15,679 interventions were conducted via live chat and text.

• 7,039 downloads of the "My Tools" application.

In 2021, the project won the OCTAS Culture and Society Award, the Excellence Award, and the Public's Choice Award at the annual OCTAS awards ceremony organized by Réseau Action TI.

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