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What If Mobile Could Maximize Your Company's Productivity?

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Mobile app for employees

Workplaces of all kinds are transforming at unprecedented speed. Jobs have been dematerialized, globalized, digitized, automated and will soon be infused with AI. We're in the middle of a technological revolution where assembly line workers will become robot supervisors; farmers, data scientists; and store clerks, customer ninjas, navigating a mesh of virtual and in-person interactions.

How can business owners, managers and stakeholders help support these transitions and provide the tools employees need to thrive in this fast-paced environment? In this context, your teams need:

  • training and continuous improvement of their skills;
  • the opportunity to access systems and control them remotely;
  • increased effectiveness in organizing their day and collaborating on projects;
  • easy access to data to make informed decisions on the spot.

The challenge of supporting field workers is dual when considering the reality of employees not spending their time at a desk, connected to a computer. The nature of their work implies that these workers do not constantly interact with screens and systems in the execution of their tasks. For now.

Productivity tools for the on-the-go workers

Practically everyone has in their pocket a screen equipped with a microprocessor chip that can outperform many laptops. And let's not forget tablets, which are also an easily maneuverable ally for any deskless employee. Businesses can leverage the proximity and mobility of these devices to help employees accomplish a multitude of tasks much more efficiently, wherever they may be.

Here are a few concrete examples of how nventive has helped ease the transition with efficient tools:

VCA: A Fluid Communications Hub

When VCA, a national network of veterinary clinics based in the USA, came knocking on nventive's doors, their objective was to digitally integrate their services and offer a customer portal. In the context of the pandemic, the need to offer a videoconferencing consultation service and online appointment booking became essential. My Schedule, the application developed for this client, evolved to provide greater flexibility for veterinarians, technicians, and administrative staff, enabling them to manage their tasks, access client records, add photos and notes, and communicate with each other. The result was a significant increase in productivity, particularly through the centralization of communication and information.

Mobile applications of this kind can contribute to employee loyalty and engagement. The integration of mobile communication channels allows for sharing company news, transferring crucial information more easily, collaborating more closely among colleagues and clients, thereby reinforcing responsiveness, a sense of belonging, and overall internal communication efficiency.

These applications may also include management tools to facilitate team coordination, project planning, and task management. Internal communication, through these applications, thus becomes a smooth and highly effective experience.

My schedule vca employee communication hub

Air Canada: Real-Time Assistance

By providing real-time data, mobile applications empower staff to be more responsive to changes occurring within the company or in their interactions with customers.

Air Canada was looking to improve its productivity and visibility to keep up with the constant changes in the aviation industry. To meet their demand, we designed a series of digital solutions, enabling their crews to increase their autonomy and benefit from better visibility in the airport traffic light. Firstly, Air Canada Life is an employee application that solved one of the airline's most significant customer service challenges: seat reservations for its employees. Booking these seats goes beyond the occasional perk of staff holidays—when flights are grounded, massively delayed, or disrupted, pilots and flight attendants had to make alternate plans through a channel already congested with customers. nventive collaborated with Air Canada to create a self-service booking application that allows employees to view available seats, reserve them, and engage with customer service agents if they require additional support.

On the other hand, Air Canada Reliability is a web application that centralizes a complex network of data for each aircraft and integrates it into an easily accessible, real-time view. The goal was to streamline the tracking and transfer of information from the maintenance team to the engineering group through a centralized tool. With a faster flow of information and easy access to data, workers can now make crucial safety decisions in the blink of an eye.

Air canada apps for employees

Brighter: Continuous Training Access

The context of labour shortage has transformed many roles in the field, requiring the team to be more self-taught and flexible. Mobile applications equipped with training modules are an effective way for employees to quickly acquire the necessary skills on their own, and to keep up to date with the latest company news. The ever-changing dynamics of businesses and consumers, characterized by high activity, prompt entrepreneurs to turn to technological solution platforms that allow them to condense information and access support without borrowing a colleague's time.

That's why we developed Brighter, a white-label training application specifically for frontline workers. With the constant flow of information to consume and digest, and rarely enough time in the day to go through it, the application offers short learning moments through easily consumable content, such as videos or interactive quizzes. Dedicated learning paths also help employees to review the most important topics first, then bookmark or download any other topics of interest.

Brighter a training app for employees

Regardless of the tools you choose to integrate to meet your team's needs, it is essential to consider their reality while also prioritizing your performance and productivity goals. Every successful digital transformation goes hand in hand with a robust change management plan that significantly considers the tools and employee support that will keep them engaged and mobilized.