A Community of Experts

Who we are

At nventive, we believe that together we can achieve big projects. Being part of our experts means being part of stimulating and ambitious projects with renowned clients. It also means having the opportunity to grow in a rewarding work environment!

Our squads and expert teams

Arctic Fox

"Enthusiastic, sweet and velvety, goofy, quirky, warm, social and distinguished: these are the words that are uttered when asked how to describe Arctic Fox! A team focused on mobile development where fun and support are part of the daily routine!"


"We pity the fools that think a project can’t be done by us! We specialize in mobile and cloud development. We take on all kinds of projects, from client facing to business streamlining apps , using our own UNO platform, as well as Azure and AWS cloud services."


"Our C#, .Net, and XAML mobile apps are made with a methodical approach, innovative techniques, and superior attention to detail; because landing on the moon is better than missing out."

Blue Cats

"Some say that C.A.T.S. is an acronym for “Codeurs Aimant les Technologies Supérieures”, others think we’re just gaga over cats. We have our head in the clouds, and our paws mostly in .Net, NodeJS, and React. Our playground is the web; be it apps or APIs" ~ meow

Code Troopers

"Code Troopers are elite developers fanatically loyal to the IT Empire and impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. Specializing in front-end, back-end, and cloud development, Code Troopers wield keyboards and mouses with great skill, and code in hordes to shape our ever-evolving digital world."

Hotel Neptune

"Hotel Neptune is the remarkable fusion of two teams. On one side, Neptune, the marine element: loyal, cool colleagues, a quiet power. On the other, Hotel, the land element: an inn where memes flow freely, and a place where friends are always welcome. Land and sea have come together to form a bewitching mermaid; you’ll never be able to leave her."

Mine Sweepers

"MineSweepers, or Maintenance and Support, is a multidisciplinary team of super-sweepers in which change is the only constant. They specialize in supporting clients and ensuring the ongoing evolution of digital products after their launch."

Mode 7

"At MODE-7, we are passionate about quality and creativity and driven to bring the project vision to life in the most amazing way. Like old-school video games, MODE-7ers turn their skills into an opportunity to create great things while having fun. Our multitalented team from all over the world specializes in mobile projects."

Run Time Terrors

"Terror! That’s what bugs, slowdowns, and technical challenges feel when facing this squad, the Runtime Terrors. With a smile on their faces, the members take great pleasure in completing their mobile app projects with great enthusiasm and collaborative spirit. Stay alert!"


"Abstract is the design team! The multidisciplinary team is composed of UX researchers, UX designers, UI designers, computer graphics designer, motion designer & videographer! Each member of our team brings a specific expertise to the table: from project context to marketing, we put the projects into images. Our role: to take the client’s digital ambition from abstract to concrete."


"The strategist is a perceptive fox who does not hesitate to go off the beaten track to sniff out opportunities and relevant insights. Like a scout, he (or she) has the mission of establishing the framework and vision of the project in its context. His or her objective: to light the way for the solution builders - UX, designers, developers, architects, PMs - who distinguish themselves in the field."

Life at nventive

  • End of year toast

  • Babyfoot

  • Quebec Office

  • Did someone say Mario Kart?

  • Christmas party

  • Christmas gift

  • Volleyball game

  • Pains au chocolat and croissants breakfast.

Our values

  • We collaborate

    to create

    We act as a real business partner and we are invested in the success of our projects. We help each other thrive to work better together. We learn from one another to benefit from everyone's expertise.

  • We are


    We listen to others to cultivate the curiosity and empathy to be inventive. We are flexible and agile to be able to react to any situation. We cultivate a caring work culture to contribute to a harmonious and inclusive environment.

  • We are


    We take ownership and are accountable. We trust each other and prove that we are trustworthy. We value transparency to allow everyone to act consciously.

  • We always seek


    We deliver our best work in order to create value to our clients and internal projects. We seek relentless improvement, because we believe that great isn't good enough. We innovate constantly, to stay on top of our game. We challenge ourselves daily to grow every day.


A truly flexible schedule, Flex Fridays all year round and the ability to manage your own schedule

Work from home or from the office at any time

Three to five weeks off, five flex days and a holiday break

Annual well-being allowance, sports challenges, yoga sessions and a healthy snack corner

Telemedicine and Employee Assistance Program

Trainings and certifications, language courses and many leadership activities

Strong teamwork in a friendly environment

Contribution to major projects and practice committees

Mac or PC environment as working tools

Various activities organized by the social club