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Onboarding: What Will Your First Month at nventive Look Like?

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Your contract is signed, your documents are handed in, your information is sent… You even got your welcome box and your hardware! But a question remains: how will your first experiences at nventive be like? Let our latest recruits, Mohamed, Christelle, Mathias, and Luiz tell you more about their experience.

The onboarding process consists of several key moments that mark a new talent’s arrival in our teams, namely the first day, week, and month. We strive to make these important times the most friendly and complete possible for each new hire, while adapting to each job, team, and personality.

Depending on which squad you will become a part of, the knowledge and technical skills process may vary, but each of our new talents follows the same global steps during their first time at nventive.

The First Day: What You Should Know

  • Meeting with your manager and team: Generally, these are the first people you will meet around a coffee, for example. It’s the perfect time to meet your colleagues.

  • Meeting your buddy: His or her role is simple: to answer all your questions about the company, processes, teams, etc.!

  • Assisting to the People & Culture presentation: During this meeting, our team will present nventive’s fundamental elements related to company culture and human resources processes.

  • Configuring your hardware: Whether it be your accesses or security advice, our hardware team will ensure you have all the necessary elements.

« My first day was exactly as I had hoped: a busy day meeting with lots of people. In my opinion, the worst thing for a new employee is to be left alone in front of a computer with all the questions you can have on your first day, especially working from home. I was very happy to have the pleasure of meeting everyone on my first day! »

— Mohamed Rebai, Manager, Project Management Office

« I enjoyed it a lot! I confess that I was a little bit nervous on the first day, but I felt very welcomed by everyone. They managed to make me feel comfortable and let me be myself. One of the best parts of my first day was the lunch with my team. I got to know them better and create a close relationship with them. »

— Luiz Capelli Filho, Analytics Specialist

The First Week: The Essentials

  • Talking with your buddy daily: Your buddy books moments with you during the week and ensures you have all your accesses.

  • Finalizing the installation of your hardware: You will have the opportunity to settle in and to get everything you need for an ergonomic and efficient workspace.

  • Participating in the office’s social activity, the notorious ‘Fun Thursday’: Every Thursday, our social club finds us a good excuse to get together, whether it be for a breakfast, a tasting, or a drink.

  • Meeting with your team members and the management: These individual meetings will allow you to match faces to the company’s organization chart.

« It’s important for me to meet each new employee. People need to understand nventive’s transparency and openness values, which are simultaneously reflected in the top of management and in each team member. It’s also the opportunity to get to know each person better: an organization is made up of the aggregation of each personality. Meeting everybody gives me a pretty good idea of nventive’s personality and the way it evolves. »

— Claude Lamoureux, Vice-President and General Manager

« Beyond technical aspects, these meetings allowed me to understand the company values, its strategy, and the way the product owner role integrates more broadly in the organization with the other experts. »

— Christelle Lopez, Product Owner

The First Month: Progressively Taking Charge of Missions

  • Participating to complementary training: We give you the opportunity of building new skills in your field or in a parallel sector.

  • Carefully reading the onboarding documentation: These complete guides will allow you adopt our values and to efficiently put our policies into practice.

  • Integrating projects: It’s go time! After familiarizing yourself with a project, it’s time to integrate it and to make it progress.

  • Joining the monthly town hall: This important monthly gathering offers you a glimpse of all the company’s projects and realizations.

« What I appreciated the most was everyone’s availability and willingness to help! After a month, I now feel good in my current project, and if need be, I know my team is backing me up. Everybody is very nice, present, and doesn’t hesitate to offer a hand, just in case. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a team. »

— Mathias Lachot, Mobile Developer

« Overall, it was a great integration process! I have never experienced anything like that, and the attention to detail and support from everyone with everything I needed was incredible. But what I appreciated the most were the insights that not only my team, but everyone I talked to, gave to me, and keeps giving. »

— Luiz Capelli Filho, Analytics Specialist

Our Onboarding Vision

Our People & Culture team doesn’t simply follow the steps of a pre-established recipe. It conducts the arrival of each talent while ensuring a continuous fine-tuning of the process.

As Sophie, People & Culture Advisor, mentions, the team strives to answer questions and to ensure everything rolls out smoothly in those first weeks to better meet the new hire’s needs, whether it be in terms of hardware or of related training sessions.

« The goal is to provide a framework so that the new person can quickly feel at ease in their new position. That’s why we create meeting spaces with different contacts with whom the new hire will collaborate in their role. »

— Malye Bourgault, Director, People & Culture

Essentially, we want to "make our new colleague feel like we were expecting them by making them meet with smiling people ready to help, talk, or go out to lunch! We want them to feel part of the team", adds Olivier, Talent Acquisition Specialist.

And there you have it! That’s what you can expect during your onboarding process with us. What will follow are exciting projects, growth opportunities, and a natural capacity to adopt our company values. And maybe one day, it’ll be your turn to become a new hire’s leading light by playing the essential role of buddy!