Since 2008, nventive grows through each project and evolves with each project.

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Creation of nventive

nventive-bubblenventive was founded by François Tanguay. The company starts out as a firm offering coaching services in architecture and software development.


First Contracts

nventive-bubblenventive has fewer than ten employees and focuses on creating a business-to-business client portfolio.

As a true entrepreneur, François integrates the software development strategy in the consultation process: that’s when large-scale contracts start to materialize.


Application Development

nventive-bubbleOne of nventive’s biggest success was when the company landed a contract with Flickr.

The mandate consisted of establishing Flickr’s mobile presence on iOS and on the Windows Phone operating system. The app operated both on mobile phones and tablets. This contract marked the beginning of app development at nventive.


Great Collaborators

nventive-bubbleThe success of the Flickr contract attracts Microsoft’s attention.


That year, nventive collaborates closely with this industry giant on several important client projects, including Livestrong, Fitbit, Foursquare,, E-Trade, and Expedia.


During the app store launch for the Windows Phone, no less than 22 out of 30 apps are created by nventive.


The first designers and integrators join the team to guarantee the projects’ success.

First Version of Uno

nventive-bubbleLaunch of the very first Uno platform version: the Umbrella user interface, through the creation of coded element libraries.


nventive is now well known for its mobile development projects, which is why brands such as Red Bull call upon nventive to meet their app development needs.


Microsoft contacts nventive to create one of the first apps in the Windows 8 Microsoft Store, Photobucket.


App development projects continue to bring success to the brand, and during the following three years, nventive works in close collaboration with Microsoft on large-scale projects for clients like the NFL and Twitter.

North American Development

nventive-bubblenventive continues to work for great North American clients such as Kobo, Newegg, Nokia, OpenTable, CityTV, Vimeo, and Zillow. Windows 8 and 8.1 projects are very valued by our clients.


Two Major Acquisitions

nventive-bubblenventive widens its talent pool thanks to the acquisition of the business incubator Runat Server and the collaborative construction software SmartUse.


New Technological Tools

nventive-bubbleArrival of new technology tools to create apps and to develop native and multi-platform content on all the main mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows).


A few projects are realized in partnership with Cortex, a talented software development firm from the city of Québec. This collaboration will repeat itself in the later years.

Stepping Into Virtual Reality

nventive-bubbleCortex and nventive unite forces a second time to carry out projects for a renown client, BDC.

Also, Cortex wins a call for applications in the United States for Thomson Reuters in the virtual reality technology sector. Cortex’s immersive virtual reality solution integrates data in real time into the experience.


The Équation Humaine Firm Joins nventive

nventive-bubbleAcquisition of Équation Humaine, a web marketing agency whose mission is to solidify nventive’s web development team.

The team is starting to integrate WebAssembly (WASM) to its directory to execute apps directly in the browser using the same code base.


Uno Platform Goes Open Source

nventive-bubbleIt’s during the Microsoft Build event of 2018 that nventive’s Uno platform goes open source for the software development community.

The feedback is incredible. Hundreds of high-calibre developers throughout the world participate in the platform and feed it. From then, the community constantly grows.


A Complete Service Offer

nventive-bubbleAt the start of the year, nventive welcomes new members in its team of directors in an effort to increase its growth in Canada and in the United States.


The company is now a software corporation offering turnkey services, from digital business strategy to complete app deployment.

Fusion of nventive and Cortex

nventive-bubbleAfter many collaborations, nventive and Cortex (Agyl and Nomade) are merging.

Thanks to the precious help of the Cortex team, the renewed entity strengthens its scope and its capacities, which enables the creation of plus-value software solutions that are adapted to each client. The concept of the Québec Campus and the Montréal Campus is introduced.


Three OCTAS for, a key project launched in October 2020 inspires pride and support from the entire nventive team.


The project was awarded three prizes at the Réseau Action TI’s Octas Gala: first, the project won the Octas prize for Culture and Society.


This was paired with the Coup de Cœur (Favourite) award, voted by the public, as well as the Octas prize of Excellence, the most prestigious distinction awarded by the Réseau Action TI.

Even More International Mobile Projects

nventive-bubblenventive continues its international development with the arrival of numerous clients, such as Christies and Tradezero. Thus, our Native team acquires a major international project.


The Solutions Group is created to meet the needs of project development, which are becoming increasingly complex. It combines the expertise of the Solutions Director, Product Owners, Solutions Architects, and Project Managers.


The number of team members is constantly rising. At the end of the year, the Québec Campus moves to a new office space and is expected to open in January 2023.

nventive joins Oliva Tech

nventive-bubbleAs a subsidiary of Oliva Capital whose mission is to propel the local and international growth of tech agencies, Oliva Tech is developing a large-scale ecosystem of over 500 experts.

Creating amplified opportunities for collaboration and development, this new chapter represents a natural next step in nventive's evolution towards a bright future driven by this fruitful union.


History is in the making...

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