A Mobile App at the Heart of the Experience

Ville de Montréal

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During the Insectarium's complete metamorphosis, the City of Montréal was looking for a partner who could elaborate a mobile app that would enrich the city’s new flagship museum experience, as well as finalize the development of the Biodôme’s existing app.


To do so, nventive created and developed the ‘’Espace pour la vie’’ app. Easy to use and rich in content, this app guides the visitors during their tour, whether at the Biodôme or the Insectarium, while also giving quick access to complementary information on the specimens in the exhibits. Fun fact: visitors who do not have a smartphone can also access the app via tablets distributed around the museum.


  • Technological discovery
  • CX research
  • UX and UI design
  • App refurbishment
  • Mobile development
  • Optimization and support


  • Front-end development:  Android Kotlin, iOS Swift, Unity
  • Main technologies:  Bluetooth, Rx

Collaborate to create

Next Stop: the Biodôme

Firstly, we focused on finalizing the development of the Biodôme’s mobile app, which the previous vendor already started. Developing the remaining features allowed us to add content in augmented reality, as well as an interactive plan of the different rooms. The app is now equipped with an advanced geolocation function — like an interior GPS —, that can give directions to each visitor in the museum thanks to Bluetooth tags. Secondly, our team corrected the existing anomalies, optimized the app’s architecture, as well as tested and deployed the app in application stores, like the App Store and Google Play.

The New Insectarium

Combining architecture and nature, the new Insectarium offers an immersive and educational experience unlike any other, which features the museum’s great collection of insects while drawing its inspiration from their habitats. Because the number of signs was reduced as much as possible, the ‘’Espace pour la vie’’ app is essential to allow the visitors to orient themselves in the Insectarium and to offer them a pleasant itinerary.


Thanks to an extensive discovery phase that grouped different teams from the City, we were able to create a consensus around a common vision and to conciliate the necessary budget requirements.»

Solution Director nventive

High-Tech Geolocation

To allow the visitors to orient themselves better during their visit, we implemented an event management system and an advanced Bluetooth detection system. On top of providing an automatic display when a visitor goes from one room to the next, these functions also allow the visitors to access multi-format content (texts, photos and videos) that match their location in the Biodôme’s and the Insectarium’s different areas and ecosystems.

An Interactive Guide

Complete with the visual recognition technology, the app allows visitors to identify and find out more about the insects they photograph, and the insects presented in the museum. The app is truly at the heart of the visitor experience: it contributes to making the journey immersive and educational.

UX and UI Design

We have taken into account the project’s context in order to accelerate the production of models. The UX and the UI designs were developed in conjunction to accelerate the pace. Our designers also created an interface that was both sleek and avant-garde. That way, the app experience aligns with the new museum’s innovative approach and architecture.

A Major Challenge

Executing this type of project required to meet the high expectations of every stakeholder, while simultaneously respecting strict deadlines and budgetary frameworks. Without surprise, developing an interactive experience for a place that did not yet exist brought many challenges. For example, executing Bluetooth detection tests in an environment that was, for the most part, simulated.


To complete the project and fulfill the client’s high expectations, we worked in close collaboration with every stakeholder from start to finish. This optimal cooperation mindset has played a key role in the project’s success.

Our teams’ creativity, flexibility, and quick execution, combined with the work of additional teams who joined us along the way, have all allowed us to meet the tight deadlines.

Launched in summer 2020, the ‘’Espace pour la vie’’ app now brings together the Biodôme and the Insectarium worlds. The app is very appreciated by users, as shown by its high score of 4.0 in the App Store.