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“nventive’s greatest strength is creating kick-ass experiences“

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Since February, nventive has been proud to welcome Vincent Godcharles as its new President. Today, we discuss with him about his vision of the company, what sets it apart, and what drives it in the field of technologies and services!

Hello, Vincent! To start, can you explain to us what your role is at nventive?

Hello! As President, I act as the chief executive officer. My role is therefore focused on the growth and the future of the organization, and less on the operational aspect, which is more managed by Claude Lamoureux, the General Manager, and the executive team.

My business goal is to take nventive to even greater heights of prosperity by strengthening its reputation and positioning itself as the best player in our field, over a vast western territory, from North America to the South, as well as Europe.

What is your vision for nventive?

I really want to emphasize the Digital Experience component.

nventive’s greatest strength is creating kick-ass experiences through everyone’s expertise. Technology is important to support the experience, but what’s fundamental is the fact that the digital product helps optimize the experience of each user, that it allows our clients to stand out and offer innovative solutions that have an impact on many aspects of their businesses.

This is what is made possible by the concept of applied product strategy, which nventive has already engaged in for several years. In the future, where organizations such as nventive will stand out is in the reinvention of the user experience of technological solutions. nventive must be the best company in experience development.

Where does your taste for service and technology come from?

I’m a finance guy at heart: I got my CPA degree in public accounting at HEC, then I quickly joined large groups such as KPMG. Afterwards, I joined a marketing and advertising agency. Through these experiences, I discovered web development, and I loved seeing the relationship between the code and the result.

I found that, far too often, there are always plenty of ideas but never enough people to deliver them. In the IT field, on the other hand, you can do everything. Technology has always fascinated me with the possibilities that it offers. Indeed, few fields are as immediately powerful as tech!

My experience has also allowed me to work in service companies all my life: I like companies built around humans that offer super-advanced human expertise.

I like finding these two aspects in my daily life.

After several months at nventive, what have you discovered?

First, I discovered a really incredible team: dynamic, fun, and competent.

Then, above all, I discovered how aligned each department is about our vision of experience. Every employee who works on projects is really equipped to think in product mode, in user mode. This may seem trivial, but to develop a well-thought-out solution, it’s crucial. Each expert takes the time to fully understand the context, and sometimes even challenge the client.

The advantage of an external firm like us, who works in any kind of industry, is the ability to collect information from other fields to be able to transfer knowledge, trends, and best practices from one industry to another.

This is how we are able to offer innovative solutions.

In your opinion, what are our greatest strengths?

One of the strengths of a service company is the cohesion between individuals. At nventive, this can be found in the notion of squads, which each have their own name and identity! This brings great strength because the squads know one another. It’s like in a hockey game with your team: in the middle of the game, you know just who to pass the puck to.

How would you sum up the culture in just a few words?

I would say it’s diverse, that of a dynamic family! There’s a great collegiality here, and at the same time, everyone is here to perform.

I know the mantra at nventive is “Collaborate to create,” but it’s also to be in search of excellence. It’s really these elements that can be found on a daily basis in the teams.

You were able to discover some of our projects in depth. Are there any that stood out to you?

When I was given a demo of the Hadrian solution, I found that really impressive. It’s a very complex and precise selection algorithm – and yet, it remains very easy to use for a user. It’s a dream for manufacturing companies like Hadrian to be able to do everything with one solution. What’s interesting is that you see it, and everything seems simple – but it required a huge translation of needs to create a powerful experience.

I also have a lot of pride seeing mobile applications being developed for clients such as Christies. There’s a prestige associated with that; it’s an interesting project with an international scope.

And then, of course, there’s the platform for the AQPS. This is an important cause that matters to me a lot. It’s literally a technological solution that helps save lives… This adds a great deal of value to the purpose of our work. It perfectly proves that, with a well-thought-out technological solution, we can save lives.