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Brighter: A Training Application at Your Fingertips

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Many employees need to be continuously trained, but most of their day is spent without much access to a computer. To address this issue, nventive created Brighter, a customizable mobile training application.

Hard-to-achieve training goals

Sales, retail, services, healthcare, transportation, construction… Among many others, these are fields that need to provide continuous training to employees who, however, are very rarely in front of a computer screen—or who are hardly available for a full day of training. The labour shortage, which has stretched on for several years now and will continue to be a reality, further reinforces the need to have employees who are on the floor, ready to contribute quickly.

While they are not in front of a computer screen, another screen—a smart one—is constantly present in their pocket and in the palm of their hand. Although there is not necessarily access on the sales floor, for example, the fact remains that they have privileged access to their smartphone at different times of the day. So, why not harness its potential?

«Having employees who are connected, in particular, allows for simplified access to training, company procedures and information, product specifications, and even micro-tutorials for training when they are in the field.»

Stéphanie Mercier, Digital Strategist

Brighter: an application that meets mobile training needs

Brighter has been designed through a rigorous design process analyzing the needs of three key personas: employees without access to their computer, trainers, and administrators.

This work allowed the team to develop a solution that meets several key objectives identified in the training process:

  • Offer core features in an on-the-go learning context while being easily customizable to meet the specific needs of each company
  • Build a solution that can be launched quickly, since the main features already exist
  • Help employees perform their work with greater precision and autonomy
  • Help employers gain visibility into the progress of employees and evaluate their engagement and knowledge level
  • Create a training solution with a 100% mobile-first design

Brighter is also a customizable MVP. Although the application has been designed to cover important features, it is also designed to be improved in order to meet specific additional objectives.

Core features for on-the-go training

Brighter was created to provide a set of basic features that are essential to a mobile training context, and which can meet the needs of each industry. Here is a list of these features: Log-in interface and user profile Customizable experience for the learner:

  • Lessons that can contain written information, videos, and quizzes
  • Lesson categories to filter content
  • Lesson progress
  • Lessons that can be downloaded to consult offline or bookmarked for later Trainer and administrator profile
  • Content management portal to create categories and content
  • Learning notifications and reminders
  • Audience and learning path creation
  • Dashboard

Brighter: a customizable solution

The mobile training application can be fully customized with a unique brand identity and components. The customization can therefore be fast and easy, but it can also meet more specific needs, such as a more complex authentication system, content migration, adding a new type of content, adding certifications, API connections, or even a personalized notification flow… It’s also possible to add a personalized onboarding journey. In short, the possibilities are endless, since our experts are capable of customizing the solution!

In short, Brighter is an excellent solution for a company that has the following characteristics:

  • Employees without a fixed office
  • A need to provide them with continuous training
  • A desire to improve the employee experience