Build loyalty among its distributors by offering them a complete B2B project management solution

The Challenge

Hadrian, the North American leading supplier of quality toilet partition and locker products, makes it its mission to stay ahead of the curve in order to offer added value technological tools to their clients and partners. Thanks to its Project Center application, a full fledge toilet partition project management solution made accessible to Hadrian's distributors, Hadrian has dominated the industry for several years. In order to solidify its position as the clear-cut leader and to win in efficiency, Hadrian called upon nventive to develop the new game changing version of its Project Center.

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Our Solution

nventive was chosen to lead the way and tackle this major project which consisted of replacing the well-established Project Center that was being used since 2005. The goal was to review and upgrade the Project Center into an easy to maintain and user-friendly platform able to evolve overtime. To achieve this, nventive and Hadrian’s teams collaborated to extract the numerous business rules incorporated in the legacy software over a period of almost 15 years and transferred them to the new one.

To add a layer of complexity, the new solution had to be integrated seamlessly to the management software used for all of their operational activities. Thus, we started by building a website in dotnet core, C# and MS SQL to allow users to make the most of the essential functionalities of the Project Center at all time, no matter their operating system: project creation, configuration of partitions, generation of a complete folder including architectural plans, specifications, order and monitoring, user management, etc.

The Results

All in all, the aim of Project Center Next is to simplify the system's maintenance on the Hadrian side, ensuring the solution's long-term stability and modernize the technological infrastructure. In addition, the web accessibility of the platform facilitates exchanges with Hadrian customers and increases employee productivity.

The project well under way, Hadrian and nventive are committed to upgrading the solution and to transfer all of the remaining options currently available in the previous version while adding new features. All that with a final goal of delivering the best user experience possible and offer greater management autonomy to both customers and employees.

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