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A leader in its field, VCA strives to provide the highest-quality pet health care network across Canada and the United States with 750 veterinary hospitals and 14,000 pet care providers who see more than 5 million pets annually. VCA asked us to partner with them to revolutionize the pet health care industry by integrating technology that would permit a seamless flow of information to be shared among veterinarians, technicians and pet owners.


Partnered with VCA for over 5 years, nventive has developed and maintained 4 evolving applications that complement each other.


MySchedule is a tablet application that displays a calendar overview of the veterinarian’s workday. Veterinarians can check their upcoming or past appointments, easily access patient details ranging from behaviour to complete medical history, schedule tasks and set follow-up reminders.


Retriever is an iPad application that enables staff members to efficiently onboard pet owners when they check in at the clinic and to update pets files directly onto tablets. With this application, pet owners can also settle invoices via PayPal and schedule follow-up appointments.


Messenger is an iOS and Android mobile app that lets veterinarians and technician staff communicate conveniently with pet owners while their pets are in the care of VCA hospitals. The app displays chat history and makes it possible to upload and edit photos and videos.


My VCA is an iOS and Android app that gives pet owners easy access to their pet’s medical information and appointment booking flow. They can also set reminders for administering medication and can be used to chat with an on-call veterinarian for advice on emergency care.


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