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Simplifying the loan application process for Canadian entrepreneurs

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The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is constantly looking for innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of its services and help its customers achieve their goals. In keeping with this ideal, BDC has partnered with nventive to develop a solution that simplifies the loan application process for Canadian entrepreneurs.


nventive was commissioned to design and produce a mobile application combining security and intuitiveness in order to increase the productivity of BDC’s account managers during their financing meetings with entrepreneurs.

Through a series of workshops, the BDC and nventive teams collaborated to design an unprecedented solution in the fintech industry. Based on a restructuring of BDC’s data services and approval process, the mobile solution managed to simplify loan agreements without compromising either the security or quality of funding requests.

Building on their partnership with Apple, BDC and nventive jointly developed the BDC RSL application in Swift 3.0. Use of the app was limited to iOS devices, reducing security risks. Designed mainly for the iPad, the application features an intuitive interface (UI/UX), as well as an integration with the multiple systems in use at the BDC (CRM, ECF and several others).


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