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National Geographic Learning partnered with TED to bring real-life conversations to students in English-language classrooms around the world. The challenge was to create a mobile application that would showcase TED Talks and National Geographic Learning (NGL), and enhance classroom content.


nventive was asked to spend the first weeks of the project challenging NGL’s findings on its target users, markets and initial requirements. To do so, we led a series of stakeholder interviews to better understand the business of English-language learning, as well as NGL’s perception of the competitive landscape and market. We also spoke with NGL customers and students to determine who consumes the content and where the need for a mobile application is greatest. Together, nventive and NGL completed the process of building user stories for the application.

Shortly after the project started, the client increased the scope of the mandate to include a student registration website and a device management website for administrative staff. These were carried out in parallel and were delivered within the same stated timeline.


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