Hybrid development application

RTC Nomade App

A way to connect people, in real-time, to a transportation network in real time


The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC, Quebec City’s public transit authority) wanted to improve user services by developing a tool to improve Quebec City commuting via bus or car-sharing services.


In order to meet this objective, nventive was given the mandate to create the RTC’s Nomade hybrid mobile application, which gave users real-time data of bus route times according to their position or a user-specified itinerary. By using hybrid app development technology, the RTC’s Nomade mobile site is also available for iOS and Android devices. This sophisticated platform not only includes geolocation of the users, but also connects to the RTC service, enabling real-time geolocation of buses and their arrival times according to the user’s location.

In the second phase, through the application, the users were able to access Communauto’s real-time car-sharing car services. Users can now look up the location of cars in Quebec City and easily book one for a short trip.


This amazing technological collaboration with RTC allowed us to provide the end-users with a solution that is available both online and offline. The RTC Nomade app features universal accessibility including a personalized alert system that proved an essential tool for public transit users in Quebec City. The application developed directly reflects the RTC’s mission, which is to promote public transportation and integrate different travel solutions.

The Nomade app earned national recognition from the Canadian Urban Transit Association, winning a corporate leadership award at the 2017 World Public Transport Summit.

Nomade RTC has also received the Intelligent Mobility Award – STI, which highlights all the features of the application, in particular the assistance with operation and optimization of planning as well as the various information tools made available to users in real time.