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FoodHero Application

Fighting food waste while saving money with a mobile app


FoodHero is an eco-friendly solution to the food waste crisis taking place in grocery stores and restaurants all over the world. Through the magic of technological innovation, FoodHero is making soon-to-expire articles accessible to consumers at a bargain price.


nventive was hired to develop 4 software solutions enabling FoodHero to manage its entire business cycle. Among these solutions is a web console used as a workflow management system, two consumer apps to make purchases, a merchant app and a public website.

With the need to scale up to as many as 150 million users at a time, performance was a must and it is with that in mind that the app’s architecture and infrastructure were built.

Because of the many projects involved in the FoodHero ecosystem, having many different cases open at the same time and aiming for a joint delivery deadline was a challenge that we overcame by using a “bend but don’t break” agile approach.

Then, due to the complex merchant structure composed of various banners, stores and user roles, we had to design a flawless UX architecture able to answer a multitude of user scenarios across various personas.


The app averages 4.8 stars on the App Store, and the comments are highly positive.