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nventive is one of Canada’s premier independent innovation firms.
We support and guide our clients in their digital transformation with tangible solutions. We strongly believe that digital experiences should empower employees and engage customers while driving business growth.

Since 2008 we’ve been doing just that—creating meaningful digital experiences with a team of nearly 160 talented, dedicated employees. Leveraging our proven methodology, we work closely with our national and international clients every step of the way.
Strategy, creativity, design and technology are forged into a complete solution tailored to your vision.

Our total commitment to you creates compelling value, offers predictable results, and produces actionable deliverables. This commitment permeates our culture and drives our work.

Welcome to nventive.

Our Managing Partners

François Tanguay


Claude Lamoureux

Vice President

Corporate History


nventive was founded by François Tanguay, nventive began as a software development and architecture coaching firm. The company began with less than 10 employees and focused on building a B2B portfolio of clients. Impassioned by starting new projects, Mr. Tanguay integrated software development strategy into the consultation process and major contracts began to trickle in.


Cortex was founded in 2009 by Jean-Michel Lebeau. Cortex’s mission is to harness the power of cutting-edge tech to create next-level, value-added experiences for every client and end user.


One of nventive’s most notable successes came in 2010 when it was given the Flickr contract. Flickr had to establish its mobile presence on iOS and Windows Phone OS, and the ball was in nventive’s court to deliver. And nventive did.


The success of the Flickr contract attracted the attention of Microsoft themselves. Consequently, in 2011, nventive worked in conjunction with Microsoft on many major client contracts including Livestrong, Fitbit, Foursquare, Cracked.com, E-Trade, Expedia and more. When the Windows Phone App store was release 22 apps out of 30 had been created by nventive. Mainly renowned so far for its UX/UI excellence, Cortex wins its first major account: Desjardins. Assigned to work on the new version of Desjardin’s AccesD platform and build the new user experience, Jean-Michel leads the Cortex team in the project along with the extensive Desjardins IT team.


In 2012 nventive became well-known for its mobile development projects, so much so that they were sought after by brands like Red Bull to fulfill their app development needs. At this stage the nventive team had grown to approximately 50 employees. The next great achievement for nventive came when it was requested by Microsoft to create one of the very first apps, Photobucket, on the Windows 8 Microsoft Store before it was even released to the public. The application development projects continued to nourish success for the brand and, over the next 3 years, nventive worked in close collaboration with Microsoft on large client contracts such as the NFL, Twitter, among others. As the contracts grew, the nventive team wondered if it would be possible to expedite the development process by creating libraries of coded elements to foster re-use and productivity. The libraries would run on a single codebase and be re-usable between devices in their respective native apps. This was the birth of Uno Platform’s earliest iteration, Umbrella UI.


In 2013, through shared value and vision, Mathieu Tremblay joins Cortex and brings on several years of development, production and Agile coaching experience with him to widen the Cortex offering. From there on out, mobile, web, AR/VR and all things tech became the playground with Maitre’D coming in as a client.


In 2014, nventive expanded its talent pool with the acquisition of incubator environment, Runat Server and collaborative construction software, SmartUse. Simultaneously, Cortex develops its first home run project in the Le Devoir application. As of that date, the team made a name for itself and started gaining serious traction.


The introduction of new technological means to create apps, cross-platform and native development on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), was accompanied by the acquisition of Équation Humaine, a Web marketing agency to reinforce nventive web development team. During that time, the digital strategy and UX teams was growing fast. Being more upstream into the digital transformation of our clients was highly beneficial for us and our clients. It is that same year that the first Cortex-nventive collaboration occurred for Wuxia, a digital stunt involving Natural language processing and other web technologies. Cortex then won a major public client in the RTC to build the app connected to the public transit system and provide tracking in real time across Quebec City. That same year, Cortex started providing more and more AR/VR services.


Cortex and nventive’s second encounter to serve on the renowned BDC account. Simultaneously, Cortex won a bid in the US with Thomson Reuters using VR tech to provide an immersive VR solution with real time data being injected in the experience.


The team started integrating WebAssembly (WASM) into its repertoire in order to run apps directly in the browser with the same code base.


It was at Microsoft Build 2018 that nventive’s Uno Platform became open source for the software development community. The response was staggering. Hundreds of top developers worldwide are on board and are nourishing the platform. The community is growing steadily since then. Cortex merged with another Quebec City native company, Agyl, to double in size and become one of the largest players in the Quebec region. A month after the merger, Cortex begun to work on FoodHero, the eco-friendly app which is part of the case studies presented in this document.


Early 2019 nventive added new members in its management team to pursue its growth in Canada and in the US. We are now a full-service software firm. From digital business strategy to full deployment of apps. In the summer of 2019, Cortex acquires Nomade Solutions, a similar company with some of the most talented experts in Quebec, to expand its team and reinforce its structure on the operational front as well as the corporate front.


nventive and Cortex merge. The new nventive is now at 200 employees. With the added value of Cortex’s team, the new entity has more depth and bandwidth for creating custom value-added software solutions for clients.